First Feis

d.jpgA little about Feis life:

What to wear:  

  • Girls – Your green school dress, or a black skirt and white blouse, bubble socks and dance shoes. We have green ribbon for your hair.
  • Boys – Black trousers, a shirt, a tie, black socks and dance shoes.


Who and what to bring:

  • It’s a crazy day! There are lots of people, and it’s lots of fun. It’s a new side of Irish dance. We are fortunate to have two competitions in our area. While all our welcome it’s not a great day for younger siblings or strollers as there are so many people and can get crowded. Perhaps make it a dancer and mom or dad time.
  • Find out which stages your competitions are on. Before the Feis day, print off the stage schedule. The numbers on the back of the card correspond with the numbers listed for each stage.
  • There is food sold at the Feis, however, it may be a good idea to bring a mess-free, nutritious snack for in between dances as well as a bottle of water.

Upon arrival:

  • Collect your dancer’s competitors card/number at a table by the main entrance. Tie it with a ribbon around your dancer’s waist so the adjudicator can see it. Just punch two holes and thread the ribbon through. Please do not pin the number on their dress.
  • Find a place for your things in a hallway and locate your stage(s). As each competition is complete, the stage monitors cross them off so you’ll know where they are in relation to your competition.


  • Once it’s time for your dancer to dance, you will see their competition number being held up by the stage hand. It’s time for them to line up and sign in. Once they are on stage, just sit back and watch. It’s all new to them, so they will be nervous. I have talked quite a lot about what to expect, but it’s only when you participate that it all makes sense.

After Dancing:

  • After the dance is complete, the results are posted. Each beginner will be given a medal for their reel on stage, but any additional placings, as well as the results for other dances, will be posted. It’s a big wall with all competition numbers up and if your dancer’s number is beside a placing they receive a medal for their efforts. If it’s not there they did not place, but it’s awesome they went and did their best.
  • Once all of your dancer’s competitions are complete you are free to head home or you are welcome to stick around for the day.


  • There will be vendors there. Just giving you a heads up that you may be asked to spend money ;)