Dance Class Codes

Dress Code

Acceptable bottoms: shorts or skorts. Bottoms should hit above the knee

Acceptable tops: t-shirts or tank tops (no spaghetti straps). Students are asked not to wear crop tops and ladies please ensure to wear a sports bra.

Socks: Bubble socks are required, they may be purchased at the studio.

Clothing should be non-restrictive, it should not be too loose or baggy in order to allow the teacher to assess the dancer’s form.

Shoe Code

Soft shoes: Soft shoes are required for students  of all levels.

New students may wear socks, ballet or jazz flats, or clean runners to begin until they can be fitted for soft shoes.

Hard Shoes: Students in advanced beginner and higher will be required to purchase hard shoes.

Used Irish dance shoes may be available for purchase through the studio.

Drink Code

Drinks are expected to be in a closed water bottle to avoid spilling.

Students should be able to use their water bottle without assistance.